Unreconciled Volumes

I read and I heard, the voice coming from the distant land of emotion. When we clearly focus on the hurt and vehement challenges of repentance, the altar becomes welcoming. It’s almost like we predicted the mention of disgust to determine our flow and our design, over and over again.I am listening. Your voice comes in and takes me by its true intent of meaning and passion. We respect the doings of our anticipation, and we describe our details of heights and depths due to the fortitude of what we know.

The movement of lips describes a notion of sincerity. The reconciliation of projected and professed convictions will establish the flaming need for counsel. As the leaves of unreconciled shadows are displayed upon the sidewalk we constantly walk, when will the volume of these motions come together?


Summarized Notion Of Thought: We are in love and we’re drunk to the toxic formulas of passions and lusts. Now when you become innocuous to the extreme volumes of vain pursuits – you are then above the limit!


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  1. M says:

    Lust and passions? Is never what I built my relationship on. If I wanted lust and passion, there are men who would do anything for me. Remember when you came back in my life, there were several men already wanting me to talk to them. Men with lust and passion will always wait at my door anytime you close it. No way would I spend two years on a man for such silly things. Beautiful women always had the advantage to get many men, it’s whether they find love or not. Love is what we had and have. In my eyes it’s like that at least. You are a good guy and that’s why I wanted you, because bad guys ain’t all that fun after all. No guy was actually fun like you, having been with you – changed my life for the better. But this last year has been hard. I miss U tho.

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