Version Of Betrayal

Like a fast moving train, it hits you.
You sit dumbfounded not quite knowing what to do.
And then the daggers pierce your chest,
And the pain of it all causes you to cry out.
You seek relief but it never comes because your being has suffered from nothing but defeat.
It hurts even worse, because it is by your own hands.
The pain is unbearable,
And you cannot understand,
how something that you once believed to be a universal truth,
Could turn out to be
A wolf in the clothing of a sheep.
It is the ultimate betrayal.

The world thinks that nothing could be worse.
However you alone know the truth.
How sad it is,
That the betrayal was caused by you.
You are the being who wields the dagger.
And you are the one to get stabbed.

– Sylina Denise

The stabbing and a loneliness which surrounds your room; due to tainted memories and pale spotlight. What is believed by the universal thought, turned out to be a lie?

What is believed by the universal thought, turned out to be a lie?

Sylina Denise; wrote this piece to really accompany, with my thoughts at the time. This very well accomplished my central emotions. It’s amazing to know how other writings, can speak to you so clearly. She’s one of the best writers, and I thank her!

I wielded the dagger but now my armor has seized the fault of suicidal ambition. 



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