For some reason, I have been studying the notion of ‘Home.’ One of the reasons the ‘Roman Empire’ fell down, according to Edward Gibbon (1787). “The rapid increase of divorce; the undermining of the dignity and sanctity of the home, which is the basis of human society.”

Home is one of the most sacred and important family dominions that we have. If the home is destroyed, there is not much more to keep the family going.  Home is more than four walls and a place to keep our feet at bay. Home is where we understand life and unconditional love by the eternal bay of where we are.  Bria Valente sung this song quite well on ‘Elixer’. Surely, she was likely speaking of a sugary coating, and more of a metaphorical depth. 😀

Bria Valente sang this song quite well on ‘Elixer’. Surely, she was likely speaking more of a sugary coating. 😀

I came down 2 find U here

Celibate & all alone
Travelin’ N a caravan of Isis tears
I’ve come 2 claim U 4 my own

Of course U’re scared the first time I appear
Because many seek ur throne
There’s no need to worry, no need 2 fear
U should just feel at home

Home, home, home, at home
Home, home, home, at home, home

And I keep it down, U were up in arms
A house full of thieves and liars
A restless heart so easily charmed
Could end up in a bed of fire

Of course U’re scared first time I say
Let me help U tap on that dome
There’s no need 2 run from ur one and only desire
I’ve come 2 bring peace 2 ur home

Home, home, home, Ur home
Home, home, home, Ur home

I came down 2 hear U say
At last, U’re finally satisfied
There was never any other who could ever be Ur lover
And never truly get inside U

Touch the core of what we all live 4
Everlastin’ paradise
But U see that in Ur life there R many houses
But now U’ve finally got a home

Home, home, home, a home
Home, home, home, a home

I only wanna cleanse Ur feet with Isis tears
And make U feel at home
I only wanna cleanse Ur feet with Isis tears
And make you feel at home

Home, home, home, home, home, home
Home, home, home, welcome home
Home, home



  1. Tannis says:

    Good read! I have trouble with “home”, I don’t have that feeling, sadly! Waiting for it though!

    1. jestern2yx says:

      Thanks Tannis! When you say; you have trouble with ‘Home’ you mean you don’t feel home or you wish you went home? 🙂 just trying to bring clarity! 🙂 Maybe the the song? Much love to you!

      1. Tannis says:

        I think it’s the feeling of home. I’ve owned 2 houses and neither have felt like home. It’s complicated maybe! I’ve searched for that feeling of home in places I’ve travelled to, thinking I could find it in town, a house, a community. I don’t know that I’ve felt that coming home feeling. I get close to it sometimes in nature. Well you have provoked thought with your post! Well done!

      2. jestern2yx says:

        Wow! I could imagine how that feels. I’ve moved from house to house after the hurricane but New Orleans have always been home to me. I sure hope you can find that root somewhere; although it is not always physical, it could be a root somewhere spiritually or emotionally! I hope these thoughts have created a sense of passion in your settling! 🙂 Much love and grace back to you! You are almost there!

  2. purpleluvr27 says:

    Not that I like Bria very much, but I do think that this particular song was a pretty good depiction of home. Home is very sacred, and I won’t refer to it simply as a place to lay your head, I like that you emphasized that it isn’t just a place. You know the old saying, Home is where the heart is. I believe that is is as close to true as you can possibly get! Think about what your “home” embodies, such as love, and companionship. This was once again a great piece, I’m glad to have had the pleasure of reading it. 🙂

    1. jestern2yx says:

      Well you know Prince wrote this song and all she did was sing over the vocals! Lol. I would love hear his version of it; but thanks so much Sylina! Glad you had a good time reading it; it was a pleasure writing it and am so delighted you were inspired by the latest thoughts in my head! You are quite compelling yourself and I always find a multitude of intrigue at your gifts! 🙂

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