Mesmeric Rendition (21 Measures)


I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday with my friends! Adia, Ethan, Daphene, Ashely, Francesca, Amir, and Jared! It was a time to remember, and it’s ONLY part ONE! It extends from this point on into the next!

What I’ve realized is a great detail within Mesmeric Renditions!

SO here we are, in the same position = I’ve had my turn, now you have given your rendition.

The same position of Birthdays and celebrations. NOW this rendition is of 21!

God, who created the universe has an amazing class, we all belong to; some of us are still sleep in the egg of unconsciousness, but I am a part of a rebirth now.

Sleeping because those dreams are only hallucinations of what we believe about the universe. Whether eternal or not – I am born again into the class of wonder.

I’m no longer hanging on the edges of a proposition.

Because, whenever we hang out on what is proposed, where do we really go? We are either on the cliff or razor edge

Surely – All of this kitten suspense is growing into a LION!

Those kittens that run through the ally allowed the black shadow to a metamorphosis of a LION of grand ROARING!

I can hear the roar – trembling at my doorstep! Once, I open it; I’m in for it!

Starting at a hesitant scream. Hearing the loud roar, as you open the door, you can see this won’t be a good conversation.

I’ve already shot my ego on the landscape of heated desire.

This passion burns inside of me, best to release it as the fever begins to trickle at the eyesight of indulgence.

No longer am I seeking a seized past comfort, my rest now prepares for eternal mesmeric chords.

The seized past is no longer sought because my resting is a chord played 21 measures…


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