Threatened Perplexity (XES)

The verbal proposal is laid out on the table. I find myself in joy as I actually entertain the thoughts of perplexed passion, in an exotic abyss.

I’ve been awarded a trophy, but I have never even run the race for a prize. I simply ran because I convinced myself; a monster of annihilation beckoned, my very existence.

I’ve never been one to go into the closets of life; I rather become threatened by the horror of those who have the power to conclude my every direction.

If that direction; supplements the aimlessness of my race; my championship is won. The race is not in vain; my legs have threatened the pavement I stand on.

I remember writing that piece soon after the proposal was laid out before me and these past days I’ve examined the wonder of sex. AHH! SEX IN THE SUMMER – GETTING IT ON! It’s a perplex situation that indeed is threatening. I don’t care how good the sex is; YOU won’t change that person’s personality. They’ll still dance to their own DNA of motive! Their motive doesn’t have to be parallel or symmetrical to you, but what does that matter, if you don’t know, what’s under the floor?! I believe it is very important, to examine that EVEN as sex can be the best, it does not change someone’s life. NOW if you just want to have sex, then go ahead, but please consider the risks. Preparation is crucial! This might seem perplexing, but what is more, a greater threat than to allow your emotions to swallow you whole.

IF sex is what creates the bliss of ecstasy,  there must be something under the floor; a foundation. If you just start at SEX at the beginning, then that will be expected in the middle and end. AND can you really get angry, if somebody you hardly know,  finds out they don’t like you..after you intend to pursue a relationship with them? Not really, because if their true indulgence is what you gave to them through an exercise of the physical, it was not enough to keep them around.

I’ve always looked at conversation over the course of multiple periods, to set a relationship. If I just enter the sugar walls, then how can a focus be determined outside of that? Sex backward is XES.

Which sets the tone for your next step.

X = Unknown Causes

E = Evokes

S = Space

FORWARD OR BACKWARD IS THE ANSWER. Which one would you rather understand?


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