From The Writer’s Chair: The Typical Black Hollywood Narrative

From The Writer’s Chair: The Typical Black Hollywood Narrative.


Very important discussion as spoken by the wise Brandon!


  1. brandosoul says:

    Thanks so much brother Jesse! I figured this would spark a lot of curiosity and insight from you, as we are living in a culture where these films and depictions are becoming more abundant as the years pass by. The monolithic depictions of the Black experience definitely needs to widen and diversify.

    1. jestern2yx says:

      Indeed brother! You were so bold in this video, and I’m so glad you decided to share your thoughts on this topic. We need diversity, our story built the mathematics of modern day America. Along with the Native Americans. We need to acknowledge the structure, and development of what we perceive through the lens of this assimilation. If the Indians could have ‘Bollywood’ we need to channel the vision of Don and allow our soul train to get back on track! Once again man, Truly thank you for this!

      1. brandosoul says:

        No problem sir! You hit it right on the head. I’m personally outraged that there is a demand for such films to be made that only portray one side to the real story. Again, people must be accountable as well, for not digging for the truth and waiting for a film to be released, in enlightening them about history.

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