Numerical Distance

I’m inhaling the score, as it progressively counts backward in my mind!
I am ready to write them down, on the table of conscious unwind!

I met you, through a dream, that counted backward to me.

AND when I woke up. I heard your name!

Marry Me! Marry – my justifiable number, and follow my calculations.

Don’t you know I seek to make your voice the story of ancient history?

You only need to beckon my desire and the twin of my passion will give you the key to the alley.

You won’t ever walk alone; my dreams are never distant from your fingers as you wipe your eyes.

I’ll remain like a private affair that an odor has with a  broken past.

We can make this last because as high as you are above me.

I am truly freestanding under you as your glow rests on my frame.

We only now seem to remain as distant as it feels.

our monastic order is abolished as we follow the path of our union! 

This concept of now frustrates the will to wait, and to prolong.

Obviously, measures and calculations are of mathematical dictation, I know

BUT, Do you realize your numbers?

I remember writing this back only a couple of months ago,  I had no idea what it meant. But through conversation with one of my closest friends, we discussed other topics, and this poem made sense. In this particular situation, it made a lot of sense! I think that is one of the most brilliant aspects of writing, you may not know what it is at the time, but through the process of time; understanding is gained. This piece is about committing to someone who beckons at your desire. So in the screams of realization, you promise what and where you would be to this person. You will follow the numbers, no matter the distance! 


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