Alive By Creations

I really DIG new ideas. How they inspire and somehow shape how we perceive innovation and invention. We’re all creators because we have been crafted with a grasp, an interpretive power that allows life to be understood (only by our mind.) So there is magic, bliss, and all of these powers. They rush, and they gush. We are elated by their mention in mind. At random, caught in a glance, we can see something, not fully developed but the seed is grand.

We undress by the manifestation of comfort, and we spell when the letters come together. Can I explain it, not really? In the most intimate knowledge of ourselves, no ones know quite like YOU. Our life is crafted by codes and formulas, everything given by less and less. Less is with more, and the unifying conjecture of creation is bestowed.

SO beyond all of us, we are to step aside. Glowing in the silence because noise is there, and it’s an alarm that you’re alive.


If U listen once, U will listen twice…my body can’t escape it cause eye feel so nice

Ejaculation perfect rhythm…guaranteed 2 leave u feeling like a cookie wall…. – A wet cookie wall

The dopamine rush is about 2 commence Y’all!

–    88 N I E C N I R P ^^



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