I’m In The Linking Business!


I can’t usher in the rush.
Cog Black Bank

What has made me blush all along, is the fractions of being uneasy. The parallels of desire and what is actually seen. Dates and calendars are responsible for calculation that is sped by the planning of priority. I’ve only discovered in the process of consumption, the importance of linking. I am in the linking business, and this discovery has allowed a sense of breathing.

You may be in school, and halfway through, you decide to change your major. WHO cares what others think, you changed it because your heart moved you into a different direction. This is the nature of the expedition, you become familiar with alien and common monsters. On the road, you see signs, and many of them are directions reminding you of the landscape you are not precisely aware of.


I’ve become governed by the whims of proving a revelation when these things are not meant to be. Allowing manifestation to show up, is only a commanded normality. Therefore, my expense is now the laying down of information, capturing it, and then forming a line by its detail. Everything in line, only then can I pantomime in the direction necessary.


I’ve realized only recently, that money is energy. Energy can’t be created, only converted. It’s not like, I can create money, I mean I can, but not in the context of my garden.

Everything is now blossoming in the direction, of its chamber. IF I really am in this blossom chamber, as I’ve been saying for a while now; why not allow the rain to fall?


These links are being discovered, and now I understand the joy of conversation a bit more.

ALL along, I needed it to myself, before I gave it to others.


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