A night a Paisley Park is always a momentum of suspense. No one is quite sure what to expect, but the feeling and the energy is always on time for a monumental delight! Purple people have come from Japan, The UK, and all over the globe just to feel and experience those Paisley Walls. So many for the first time, even the casual people are invited to so much activity! This was NIGHT ONE of the Three Day International Dance Party at Paisley Park in celebration of Prince’s NEW album ‘HITNRUN’.

HNP1 (1)
Night one was immediately introduced, with a wealth of memorabilia, added with music (live music by Lizzo too by the way) and even a personal tour of the studio which added so much more to the experience.

[More Details about the studio tour in the video link below]

The energy of the night was ethereally hypnotic. Everything seemed formed with such thrill, and the sound was of spectacular altitudes. Any night at Paisley Park is a special one to experience, but what made this night even GREATER was the amount of love and joy that entered that place. Spontaneous moments of pure magic, witnessed by the rhythmic dance and vision of love. So many people, that I have seen through the social media clouds were in attendance! Shout out to all of the wonderful people, that attended and connected with me, face to face.

It’s really all love in Paisley Park! So, when you can dance and experience – Prince within his creative walls WITHOUT him even showing himself physically, speaks to the enormity his spirit carries. (Although, he did speak on Speaker Phone with those who took the tour, for a bit 🙂

Anytime, a night like that ends – there is this overflow of NRG! Sleep becomes sleepless, through the awakening of our pulse. Your heart can’t stop running this marathon of joy! You become baptized and fully immersed in the waters of the experience. DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN? DID I REALLY JUST CREATE THOSE WONDERFUL MEMORIES?

YES! And, what a privilege it is, to envelope in those sincere and spectacular moments from time to time. Especially considering, we got two more days to look forward too!


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