Unbridled Consequence

Unbridled – not controlled or restrained.

Consequencethe effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier.

“in a moment where the wind blew 

for a brief grievance, my coat tail knew

the fiery dust which embraced my eye 

came to proclaim a message of a thunderous lullaby:”

HURRY ALONG THE TRAIN IS MOVING SHORTLY! forget packing your bags. scatter abroad and then go far in between. the train of my heart is not only CHOO CHOO – but also DIGEST. too much chewing ain’t bad for you, however. if you could break it downtown to the nitty gritty – shortly afterward you’d be uptown! praising the grazing! 

forming the words… who knew that a bump in the frequency, could produce starry eyed perplexity? stories from the past. visions won’t last if kept by the remembrance of fleeting passing cars. this is why we MUST GO and GET until the getting is GOT. in our hands WE can mold the joy, welcoming ourselves back into the play of a new toy. 

they’re plenty of reasons why people choose the elevator but maybe we should consider it broken?

transformative energy can be seen and felt. the resounding consequence of responding is that we are often taken back into the vortex of the unknown.

we are stuck with bottled up confusion yearning to make itself known on the return to enormous possibilities. 

When the sands of time have expired and loving is no longer capable of flourishing in the same room – the journey has reached its end. Love cannot be bottled up, for then the chemicals will combat and the smoke will perform acrobatics. What’s the purpose of love? Purpose serves the will of many accounts, for love is always whatever you mold it to be.

i’m twirling in a sea of forgetfulness. various invoices. i’m in protest to the system. i’m a realist about outcomes but also aware of the disadvantages from various political policies at play. no matter how i slice it – life comes up and coughs me up a trip. where do i begin to merge the present to the future? WEIGH THE MINUTE! this toiling around should create a sense of preparation before work but instead i have misplaced my tool sack. i’m pulling where pushing may be required. the knowledge of this fact encourages me to take action; although we do not always get the return back on the investment on hopes. 

depression has a name and it goes beyond the loneliness and isolated troubles it musters. to such a case like this – is why my mind is scattered. giraffes and elevators. i must say hello, one page at a time. this time, turning into expedient revelation.

I have come to say hi – to invite you to a place of welcome.

I don’t ask you anything but to lavish into you a divine introduction.

I am hello and I have never known of a goodbye. My first and last is never low; so high!

with time and reasons // the seasons will make sense and harness the awareness of peaked altitude. when the ears bleed cuz they’re high enough and they have heard enough. the days of yesterday are over but the thunderstorms of tomorrow fail not at the typical grievance. 

“for some wish to learn at the university – receiving methods and assignments in strenuous diversity 

others are not for the will to learn from the school book

they rather get it word of mouth from the bell and informed hook

i suppose it matters not where education arrives

for as long as the trail of questions convince our begging lives”




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