i’m overwhelmed by the pull of the draw.
(it wasn’t the spade, but the jack that was the last straw!)
photogenic cards are decked by an echo of recurring antagonisms.
so, which move should be played?
for merely, ‘okayed’ was the stream and number.
but the wailing next is met with slumber.
visibly counting the feelings inside as they are surrounded by a distant blue cloud.
while the rain rescues all of those in shelter to listen out loud.
pairings of energy are reminiscent of a baffling scent : cinnamon faces colorize spaces giving them room to vent.
yet, i wish to remain in the stillness of my refrain. (blame the rain) consequently, removed from the tree emerging from the root and bumble bee.
arising like a mumbling humming bird.(singing every word!)
but slipping by slippery slopes which give into hope!
catastrophic temptations illuminate at the silver screen
reviewing my movement by asking: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!
iridescent stones roam my pallet by casting the predestined ballot
it’s a mixed salad but the taste nonetheless takes my ‘dome’ at a place not adjacent to ‘home’
it’s CuMuLaTiVe – not exactly diminutive but layered sheets of increase, faintly continue to release
as to keep the peace with nearby wandering geese
i could say a lot more, but you’re already walking out the door! 🙄🚪🚶🏿


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