72 Seasons

*in light of… (pun intended) of the newest Metallica Album ‘72 Seasons’ here is a poem reviewing its impact it’s been having on my life.

i also reviewed this album on my podcast ‘Music & We’ with my co-host jamilah! check out that review and many others and follow along! I’m listening to Music And We | A discussion of 72 Seasons, Metallica’s new album on Podbean, check it out!

18 x 4 = 72 SEASONS GONE
spring, summer, autumn, winter
they’ve been burned alive!
The ghosts of the past meet & greet @ a promised re-retreat!
starting from age of 1 until 18: but what does that mean?
the molding hands of the last,
finds my youth, laying down on the holy bench
hearing whispers from the elders and missionaries that eye plead for G-d to quench
me and the world of all our sins! they recommend that i enclose my anxiety into avoidance.
abandoning my instinct and the voice inside
echoes were heard in the night awakening us to turn over into the light
you can run but you can’t hide
the evening pierces your day and enclosed eyes
with sounds of agony and cries for help
wishing to be seen as in understood
when your transgressions shoulder against what feels good
alerting you to waving inflictions, which swoon your addictions to higher lands
stronger commands
gone are the plans for correction
inside a deeply syringed injection
the heart beats and races on
seeing how those SHADOWS FOLLOW!
the darkness comes in various forms
like roses to thrones and CROWNS OF BARBED WIRE (tempting you to fight fire with fire!
heavy is the head which faces the dead SCREAMING INSIDE : that SUICIDE be the bed in which one confides
into a gripping blindness
you aim to go, full speed or nothing!
lux eterna! temptation all around you
it parades you through & through ! IF DARKNESS HAD A SON – will you undo what your father has done?
or are you TOO FAR GONE? in a ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS and reflections
what’s ahead of you is also what is soon behind you.
the shavings of dried remains of misery requests that you be well
that you stay and fade into their company – dried, expired, and stale !
but you can say no!
planting with the seeds of stillness, our garden will grow! this i know!

it’s ridiculous, i know but SO WHAT! Metallica is dope y’all!

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