it was you: a potted plant that stood next to me
i assumed firstly it was a tree
only to realize it was only my shadow relinquished inside of me
decaying outside of darkened walls
dimly lit halls
invite me to walk slowly as the ceiling
is found squealing
on the top with all four sides
crashing into the tides

attempts at crossing albeit the finely needed flossing
is taking a part my wailing heart
the lies, deceit and fomented cries
have reached the point of stagnant lullabies
by the agency of explanation, WHAT in the carnation?
flowers and rocks aside
their shallowness is wandering like its cross-eyed

go ahead and jump in.
get burned by the desire to win!
you might as well recommend:
fire or even shaved ice

whatever sounds niceā€¦

what about a snake bite?
a poisoned and a blistered kite
flying high into air
questioning if the wind is playing fair

decided momentum cast fast
visions myriad of the past
cranking up the blast of the last

fallen through by shelled echoes speaking
voices sunken by resented promises leaking
through my dreams
split a part at the seams

packed like crumbs in aluminum foil
a desire to eat is guaranteed to spoil

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