for those who rather listen and watch 🙂 here you go!

the present is new!
i thought you knew?
there isn’t anything like: doing the creation as it manifests itself right now.
why frown? well, if you are looking into the past?
you’ll surely be cast lambast, very fast!
not that, a critical view is always promised to undo.
but, tongues of another time, requires proper rhyme of mind!
the setting of growth is materially based!
a framework unseen, is a straight drink with no chase!
ain’t it better to soften your head to something smooth instead?
this isn’t to suggest that you don’t need a spike!
but a walk and jog shouldn’t be a steep hike!
you can climb without fostering blisters in your heels!
for a meal on wheels, nurture the stomach as well as emotional reels!
someone has to be willing, to carry the goods from here & near: and way across the long extended table!
it’s not that folks ain’t able,
but often, they deny what is rightfully owed to them!
we are conditioned to pick at the wider & not the slim!
but if we start at the line presented right in front of us, we can tackle the other connecting waving vines as we proceed…
this is why we must read! we gotta feed, the overall context in understanding pretext and what will naturally come next!
the seedlings of starlight?
are grazing night by a munch and bite!
darkness crawls into a vacant stall.
encouraging the seize of it all.
*for power and the aim of the collective voice should be to forward ever to a centralized & decided choice!
after all, how could ‘the present knew’ not know the ostracized past and future you?!

the will to create must be matched by the energy to engage in the process. get yourself something to graze upon. like janet sings in ‘The Knowledge’. (it’s what you really want!)

it’s time to slide ourselves into the recognition of this work. starting with me. i have to thank Kirk Hammett from Metallica in his recent ‘So What’ interview (@ 49 min mark) where he went on to discuss the inspiration in something new! as opposed to reaching out in the past and giving attention to that.

Today is also the 7th year anniversary of ‘Characters In The Wind’ which was a very pivotal moment towards the shaping and endeavor of a new project. Shoutout to Jeremy Garner and his family for providing me a place to stay with warm greetings and love. Everyone who was involved who I list in the credits I experienced a lot of joy and pain around 2016 but this was the completion of a dream, I had in me a year propr. Prince had just transcended 3 weeks prior and I was aiming to accept the more recent direction of my life. Looking back at Characters In The Wind, I’m glad I was obedient to the call to create it!


you can’t keep forward if you give shadows lip service. this will keep your body extremely nervous. i can witness that sight of juggling of glasses : holding theory, practice, and capacity in unbalanced configurative classes. it’s not ever just one thing. the song i sing, is a dance of what may be the last chance.

everyday i have to confront this life – extending myself the will to fight. to win! to this end : i recommend that you do as George Jackson recommended : Settle your quarrels, come together, understand the reality of our situation, understand that fascism is already here, that people are already dying who could be saved, that generations more will live poor butchered half-lives if you fail to act. Do what must be done, discover your humanity and your love in revolution.”


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