hay is for horses!


as in yellow, the color of the SuN that is not yet done!

while the fun rolls over into a green pastured 3 leaf cLoVeR.

“HAY!” as in – the grass that’s been freshly cut.

HeY as in – the meandering strut.

“heyyy” as in what’s up?

“eye see what you got going ON, & it stirs a desire for me to yield fields of cultivation n2 your garden lawn.”

(at the break of dawn)

“hey, hey” as in – checking on the “when” of the spin.

“hEy.” as in – it’s the morning and you ain’t trying to be charming on what it all means?

“HEY!!!” as in – you gotta rip in your jeans!

“hey!” as in – what you got to say?“HEYYYY!” as in – the 14th of MaY!which is tOdAy & ToNiGhT – ain’t that RIGHT ?!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! this is also dedicated to my grandmother Gammie! she would always say “hey is for horses” – if anyone introduced themselves in that manner : she wouldn’t mind you saying “hi” or “hello” but HAY? was always reserved for horses! 🐴🐎🎠


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  1. yow67 says:

    Greetings and salutations, Gesture!

    I scoured social media a couple weeks ago lookin’ 4 ur presence, until I realized…”He’s done disconnected!” I pray all is well with U, as I know it is🙏🏾
    Be strong, stay strong, and know that u are on my mind from time2time.
    Thank U so much 4 the Mother’s Day greetings. I appreciate it. 💜

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