what happens when your mountains climb against broader & deeper watered fountains?

  1. checking in & following up to the upcoming notions. rising oceans request that while come what may – but, umm…NOT TODAY!
  2. in the eye of the star, the distance recommends a bridge that’s seemingly far, but it is closer in dimension than the opened and limited tension.
  3. whatever this may mean, the search for this poem is to engage the new year added, but yet held in place and continuously padded.
  4. nervousness servicing as a reminder; that messages can be received as destiny proves as a navigable pathfinder.
  5. if one decides to take the pill, they either will or keep still.
  6. there’s a lot caught in between, this dream and the ongoing scheme.
  7. numbers are thrilled to incite more or less, depending on which equation configures best.
  8. there’s always a daily test engaged to inflict you with reasonable arrest, struggle to figure it out so that you ain’t pressed!
  9. for, the pull of the finger is due to many ‘o’ allures, which endorphins may – deny as unsolicited brochures.
  11. we thought, we already told ya – you can’t be a menace and a fool! you must be guided by a humanist and thus a socialist rule!
  12. Look around at the already had and made degradation seen clear by the visible functions to keep the poor, out the door of anything resembling ‘more’.
  13. all of your interactions and moments are foreknown by thought and what ought to be brought to nought.
  14. there’s enough to share with the collective Masses, but first we must seize power!
  15. At this hour and the next: this shouldn’t be perceived as too complex – it’s written on the half of what has already been told.
  16. Silver and gold, forever sold as reachable outcomes when they’re only extended sums of crumbs.
  17. As the signs make clear, our dearest fear is a mirror proxy, steered by what we revere.
  18. DO people mean more than money, or are we left to wither outside where its never sunny?
  19. The options are already made and as its been said : LOVE ain’t no diamond ring, but it should be the call of action in which we sing.
  20. If by digging into the head of the last, we might see what is intending to come to pass.
  21. like a drinkable chalice framed in glass, when broken – bad luck is superstitions’ fuel and gas.
  22. positioned by far too many ends, where friends meet around the bend like Huckle Berry captions.
  23. The idea is not in action, but damned & cursed by a circumference ridden hoop,encoded in a loop.
  24. It was captured and swiftly swooped by a mission enforced by a carefully planned coupe.
  25. This kind of subversion is meant to distract upon a random excursion into territories charting conversion.
  26. Before you know it, the whole subject was changed and made into a inverted AI invention.
  27. if thoughts gathered and sorted themselves out at a convention, who would stay and what would be cause for suspension?
  28. These are some of the questions that need to be on the table, as horses remind us to keep stable.
  29. We can be understanding and able, in fact even when the cable is not charged, a wire can be set ablaze.
  30. The maze belonging to this fire, can’t ever be put out when the attire is this striking hot!
  31. the threads are contained in one unified knot, sustainability regenerative with a forward ever burning watt!



hay is for horses!


as in yellow, the color of the SuN that is not yet done!

while the fun rolls over into a green pastured 3 leaf cLoVeR.

“HAY!” as in – the grass that’s been freshly cut.

HeY as in – the meandering strut.

“heyyy” as in what’s up?

“eye see what you got going ON, & it stirs a desire for me to yield fields of cultivation n2 your garden lawn.”

(at the break of dawn)

“hey, hey” as in – checking on the “when” of the spin.

“hEy.” as in – it’s the morning and you ain’t trying to be charming on what it all means?

“HEY!!!” as in – you gotta rip in your jeans!

“hey!” as in – what you got to say?“HEYYYY!” as in – the 14th of MaY!which is tOdAy & ToNiGhT – ain’t that RIGHT ?!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! this is also dedicated to my grandmother Gammie! she would always say “hey is for horses” – if anyone introduced themselves in that manner : she wouldn’t mind you saying “hi” or “hello” but HAY? was always reserved for horses! 🐴🐎🎠


for those who rather listen and watch 🙂 here you go!

the present is new!
i thought you knew?
there isn’t anything like: doing the creation as it manifests itself right now.
why frown? well, if you are looking into the past?
you’ll surely be cast lambast, very fast!
not that, a critical view is always promised to undo.
but, tongues of another time, requires proper rhyme of mind!
the setting of growth is materially based!
a framework unseen, is a straight drink with no chase!
ain’t it better to soften your head to something smooth instead?
this isn’t to suggest that you don’t need a spike!
but a walk and jog shouldn’t be a steep hike!
you can climb without fostering blisters in your heels!
for a meal on wheels, nurture the stomach as well as emotional reels!
someone has to be willing, to carry the goods from here & near: and way across the long extended table!
it’s not that folks ain’t able,
but often, they deny what is rightfully owed to them!
we are conditioned to pick at the wider & not the slim!
but if we start at the line presented right in front of us, we can tackle the other connecting waving vines as we proceed…
this is why we must read! we gotta feed, the overall context in understanding pretext and what will naturally come next!
the seedlings of starlight?
are grazing night by a munch and bite!
darkness crawls into a vacant stall.
encouraging the seize of it all.
*for power and the aim of the collective voice should be to forward ever to a centralized & decided choice!
after all, how could ‘the present knew’ not know the ostracized past and future you?!

the will to create must be matched by the energy to engage in the process. get yourself something to graze upon. like janet sings in ‘The Knowledge’. (it’s what you really want!)

it’s time to slide ourselves into the recognition of this work. starting with me. i have to thank Kirk Hammett from Metallica in his recent ‘So What’ interview (@ 49 min mark) where he went on to discuss the inspiration in something new! as opposed to reaching out in the past and giving attention to that.

Today is also the 7th year anniversary of ‘Characters In The Wind’ which was a very pivotal moment towards the shaping and endeavor of a new project. Shoutout to Jeremy Garner and his family for providing me a place to stay with warm greetings and love. Everyone who was involved who I list in the credits I experienced a lot of joy and pain around 2016 but this was the completion of a dream, I had in me a year propr. Prince had just transcended 3 weeks prior and I was aiming to accept the more recent direction of my life. Looking back at Characters In The Wind, I’m glad I was obedient to the call to create it!


you can’t keep forward if you give shadows lip service. this will keep your body extremely nervous. i can witness that sight of juggling of glasses : holding theory, practice, and capacity in unbalanced configurative classes. it’s not ever just one thing. the song i sing, is a dance of what may be the last chance.

everyday i have to confront this life – extending myself the will to fight. to win! to this end : i recommend that you do as George Jackson recommended : Settle your quarrels, come together, understand the reality of our situation, understand that fascism is already here, that people are already dying who could be saved, that generations more will live poor butchered half-lives if you fail to act. Do what must be done, discover your humanity and your love in revolution.”


it was you: a potted plant that stood next to me
i assumed firstly it was a tree
only to realize it was only my shadow relinquished inside of me
decaying outside of darkened walls
dimly lit halls
invite me to walk slowly as the ceiling
is found squealing
on the top with all four sides
crashing into the tides

attempts at crossing albeit the finely needed flossing
is taking a part my wailing heart
the lies, deceit and fomented cries
have reached the point of stagnant lullabies
by the agency of explanation, WHAT in the carnation?
flowers and rocks aside
their shallowness is wandering like its cross-eyed

go ahead and jump in.
get burned by the desire to win!
you might as well recommend:
fire or even shaved ice

whatever sounds nice…

what about a snake bite?
a poisoned and a blistered kite
flying high into air
questioning if the wind is playing fair

decided momentum cast fast
visions myriad of the past
cranking up the blast of the last

fallen through by shelled echoes speaking
voices sunken by resented promises leaking
through my dreams
split a part at the seams

packed like crumbs in aluminum foil
a desire to eat is guaranteed to spoil

72 Seasons

*in light of… (pun intended) of the newest Metallica Album ‘72 Seasons’ here is a poem reviewing its impact it’s been having on my life.

i also reviewed this album on my podcast ‘Music & We’ with my co-host jamilah! check out that review and many others and follow along! I’m listening to Music And We | A discussion of 72 Seasons, Metallica’s new album on Podbean, check it out!

18 x 4 = 72 SEASONS GONE
spring, summer, autumn, winter
they’ve been burned alive!
The ghosts of the past meet & greet @ a promised re-retreat!
starting from age of 1 until 18: but what does that mean?
the molding hands of the last,
finds my youth, laying down on the holy bench
hearing whispers from the elders and missionaries that eye plead for G-d to quench
me and the world of all our sins! they recommend that i enclose my anxiety into avoidance.
abandoning my instinct and the voice inside
echoes were heard in the night awakening us to turn over into the light
you can run but you can’t hide
the evening pierces your day and enclosed eyes
with sounds of agony and cries for help
wishing to be seen as in understood
when your transgressions shoulder against what feels good
alerting you to waving inflictions, which swoon your addictions to higher lands
stronger commands
gone are the plans for correction
inside a deeply syringed injection
the heart beats and races on
seeing how those SHADOWS FOLLOW!
the darkness comes in various forms
like roses to thrones and CROWNS OF BARBED WIRE (tempting you to fight fire with fire!
heavy is the head which faces the dead SCREAMING INSIDE : that SUICIDE be the bed in which one confides
into a gripping blindness
you aim to go, full speed or nothing!
lux eterna! temptation all around you
it parades you through & through ! IF DARKNESS HAD A SON – will you undo what your father has done?
or are you TOO FAR GONE? in a ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS and reflections
what’s ahead of you is also what is soon behind you.
the shavings of dried remains of misery requests that you be well
that you stay and fade into their company – dried, expired, and stale !
but you can say no!
planting with the seeds of stillness, our garden will grow! this i know!

it’s ridiculous, i know but SO WHAT! Metallica is dope y’all!


if i positioned myself in front of a wall & it dared to communicate with my call; it would have more to say : than the words you are trying to play.

if roadkill found on the busy street, was collected and stored in your house and made into a taxidermy suite: those dead animals would have more to speak than your climb against my mountain peek.

if lights would dim and walls could shake, they would have more of merit than what you have attempted to make.


consider me: the left over penny found in your pocket when you leave your clothes out to wash.

or even the lint inside your dryer that you forgot to clean out and squash.

i am the cloud that once appeared but no longer aims to be here!

cast me aside, like an atheist would a spiritual guide

forget my colonial name, my perceived fame, and any claims gathered to make you sane

burn me away like a tainted scroll: that speaks with volumes of blasphemy

roll me over like loaded dice – molded by a promised fallacy

all i’m saying is : recoiling your focus to something more sustainable, means the flowers in your garden could truly grow!


for if one can not tend to / cultivate / nurture real live plants, getting fake ones for aesthetic purposes, is ok! i remember thinking i was being played like i was stupid but the playing kept happening; and i was quickly reminded : they’re ‘playing’ this role a little too well so maybe they really are the ones stupid & if i keep going along with their ‘playing’ i’d be just as stupid 🤡🎪🤹🏾
they say: “hate the circus but don’t hate the clown : but i reckon both the circus and clown share more in common than they differ. we could all benefit from having a venn diagram analysis. DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM, y’all! which is to say – everything has positives and negatives as nothing is 100% ‘Bad’ or 100% ‘Good’ there is a relationship between two forces and ‘The Struggle’ exists for the greater and more beneficial force to overcome. nothing stays the same ever! this is the law of impermanence.



    i’m overwhelmed by the pull of the draw.
    (it wasn’t the spade, but the jack that was the last straw!)
    photogenic cards are decked by an echo of recurring antagonisms.
    so, which move should be played?
    for merely, ‘okayed’ was the stream and number.
    but the wailing next is met with slumber.
    visibly counting the feelings inside as they are surrounded by a distant blue cloud.
    while the rain rescues all of those in shelter to listen out loud.
    pairings of energy are reminiscent of a baffling scent : cinnamon faces colorize spaces giving them room to vent.
    yet, i wish to remain in the stillness of my refrain. (blame the rain) consequently, removed from the tree emerging from the root and bumble bee.
    arising like a mumbling humming bird.(singing every word!)
    but slipping by slippery slopes which give into hope!
    catastrophic temptations illuminate at the silver screen
    reviewing my movement by asking: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!
    iridescent stones roam my pallet by casting the predestined ballot
    it’s a mixed salad but the taste nonetheless takes my ‘dome’ at a place not adjacent to ‘home’
    it’s CuMuLaTiVe – not exactly diminutive but layered sheets of increase, faintly continue to release
    as to keep the peace with nearby wandering geese
    i could say a lot more, but you’re already walking out the door! 🙄🚪🚶🏿

    closed open

    closed open.

    brightly hoping .

    while the process is coping.

    it’s still gotta be done.

    ain’t no sleep until rest awakens the sun.

    even when stranded on teary oceans, my eyes promise building notions…

    “what did the sea say to the boat?”

    “you’ve become a little to holy, now you’re unable to float.”

    what is going down is determined by what’s been found around and by the ‘who’ has already been made the clown.

    closed open

    I.I.Y.F. CUZ’ I.A.O.T.P.I.I.Y.P. CUZ’ Y.G.I.O.Y.F.


    watch now, or listen 🎧

    it’s going but it’s coming right through me
    piercing: like a damned paper cut
    lemon twist and a salty nut
    desecrate my pain on the inside
    overflowing with thoughts, exposing what ought if bought by pride
    it ain’t nothing but a thing
    but also a breast, leg, thigh, & a chicken wing
    the odorless will to create
    has found its mate by slipping away
    all day
    traveling but by a nameless guidance reverting
    relying on an obscurity bent, found flirting
    how can we determine whether this is true?
    my attempt at writing it out : is to find: the second, third, or replicated hue.

    “occult – outside religion and science: astrology, mysticism, magic, extra-sensory perception, paranormal activities.”

    what does it mean, if it ain’t clear, my dear?

    i don’t understand? it doesn’t land! did you mean to use that ‘word’ or am i to assume a duplicitous scene? is the grass green or are you intentionally making it ObScEnE? is it supposed to – sound like a train? or more of a melodic morning rain?

    tears do not always revere what has been taken away from me. crying from the inside, to embarrassingly : figure out what’s left to be done, as the sun shines while my shadow was out on a part-time run.

    crushed like a pillar on the eve of mountain, pennies wishing into eros fountain. as rivers are depleted, spirits ascend and request: that i be seated, but instead my sadness is repeated.

    what’s really standing out in the front?

    “you can’t see the forest, for the trees especially if you’re asking on your knees! demand and reprimand as to affirm the line! you ain’t gotta hold it ALL in your mind: may your lip bring the florescent drip so that they ain’t caught like a banana and quickly slip!”

    for though it rains heavy, my clothes were not ready. especially them shoes, they got it the worst. but it was my backpack that learned the lesson first. a whirlwind and unexpected mass soak up. it’s like my clothes were begging to be washed and made clean. even as the water did not redeem, or so it would seem?

    (If only I could) DREAM YOUR THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    y’all ever met anyone that starts everything with a negation? it’s a tRiP!

    it’s always nah, nope, and no with them. “you know eye see your point truly, but i don’t think it’s just that.” i think i know where you’re getting at, but i’d argue : it could be that too but i don’t think it’s JUST that. even if you’re not saying that, it’s also implied that this is the situation. i don’t know where you’re getting at but i am saying no. it ain’t just that. from what you just replied, nah…i’ll say this :

    there’s truly a lot to be sad about when you take the tRiP to read and pay attention to the things around you. there’s indeed a tRiP in every day experiences. for the masses of humanity, we are experiencing deep pain via global oppression by capitalism, imperialism, and patriarchy. most of us are too shy to talk about the deep pains we experience in our lives, because for 1) we are socialized to individualize our problems and remain in our own vacuums . 2) being told that we should not burden anyone with our personal misfortunes. 3) Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and don’t talk about things that make us uncomfortable. However, it is when we take the initiative to be willing to struggle with folks that brings about respect and dignity.


    it’s the actual pain that keeps us attentive as to why we are alive. one of my favorite lyrics that often goes through my head is “tears and rain are all the same, the only way to win this game – is to let everybody play and share the ball.” – Lavaux

    Not enough pain is being shared and that’s definitely part of the problem. Tripping over various dips on the surface and below. There’s certainly a cause and effect. A relationship exists between the ‘hear’ and ‘there’ and this is ultimately everywhere! looking into the reasons while acknowledging the passing seasons.

    dedicated to all the tRiPs and DiPs sent to make us sLiP…



    caring wears a visible garment. love being an action word, that means it is most realized when in motion / demonstration. ideas set in mind only, ain’t got nothing on the tangible material. reality responds to a set of conditions which dictate the frame and name of any particular phenomena.

    the all seeing eye
    does not spy
    but it does try

    figuring out what set you off into this abyss
    a clown’s kiss regarded as a pleasurable mischief

    entering into crowns & tiara’s glory should mean a head being chopped off – cuz’ that’s a class struggle story.

    like a cat tickling the glass
    lofty bushes will fall, & when this inevitably comes to pass:
    will you go to the party or a parade in the green grass?

    as you left the party, that was throwing confetti
    by breaking away first, as if to start but you still ain’t ready

    darn the surprise and damn those eavesdropping eyes
    melodic boom bombs ministered to me in psalms

    with every page i was radiated by their finesse
    their soliloquy fully weighted with a thin press
    could it be either their style? or delicate galloped mile?

    everywhere they went? my change quickly spent!
    (as in) easily transformed with focused attention to their scent, while unselfishly paying rent

    a smile wide as the moon
    frown as arduous as using a fork instead of a spoon
    making the differences difficult to reconcile

    feeling impatient while waiting in line:

    “can i get 10 breakfast platters, with extra biscuits and honey?” said the mf in front of me at the fast food joint, they probably didn’t order that much but the wait proved a ridiculous point.

    should i ball or shred?


    the metrics upon my thoughts
    in a planned dream
    you appeared in a multicolored dress
    i confess: it was tempting when you came my way
    in the midnight gray
    when you suspected my thoughts were distant
    reminded of our touch
    which subconsciously i missed very much
    even as long ago weeps for a much desired sleep
    action is misplaced on the table of distant seas
    waters placing us a part
    while the heart attempts to start
    my standing still wishes for you to move near
    to alarm my every symphony so that my vision can hear
    the word spoken back then, i still understood
    when we lived in the same neighborhood
    i neglected the requested chance
    i was too nervous to dance
    embarrassed by your movements and step
    i kept all my rhythm enclosed
    until the water flowed to the seeds, i then arose froze
    but dripping to the splendid occasion
    wherein this invasion became translucent
    (upon the metrics of these same thoughts : this summary of a melodic swoon
    my fullness was regarded as the moon
    walking like mj backwards to the stolen tune
    yet we sang with fascination, admiration
    & rightful sensation! (memories restores faith and hope; the contradiction in this is that : memories needn’t be rushed to be created.)

    17 years ago! (coming soon)

    FrFr : AbSuRd!

    Acknowledge the space around you and LOOK at those FACES, in public SPACES!
    Let your EYES : REALIZE, the activity of your surroundings!
    Notice the detail, and take sight at the array of any possible dismay
    Pay attention to what’s happening!

    Get out the way (or stand in the way) of a flammable aggression
    Put pride in your steps and alert yourself to the upcoming succession!
    Be a student to the way of the odd smirk!
    AgAin : set your feelings aside & commit to doing the work!

    Can’t you hear them :beating those tambourines DOWN? it’s all AROUND!
    Trembling SOULS flustered but they still sound like prayerful mediation Tibetan BOWLS
    all of the while they are harmonizing between their FLUTES & anointed BOOTS !
    attempting to make a WiLd SCENE cuz the GREEN stays OBSCENE !

    (You’d think i’m being MEAN!)

    it’s starting to look frfr aBsUrD : the performance is the DRIP that was once a SLIP N2 the action that gave it all the LIP. it’s a TRIP! Now y’all probably gonna be exhausting trying to connect all the RHYMES and TIMES you once heard, how you could fly or float. irrespective of the algorithmic ILLUSION or the perplexing CONFUSIONS parroting as GOLD. It’s all still SHINNY & WHINNY due to all the lies that are TOLD. I AM MISSING MY MAKEUP! A face that needs to ‘BEAT-IT’ like Yum on the STREETS. Consider me in HEAT as i show up as the GOO to the end of your SHOE. SURPRISE Mother fuc****! i’m the GUM that returns your face twisted, in sight, & NUMB. Because they decided to spot you; by artificial and AI sequenced WIRE. burning by FIRE hot as NERVOUSNESS is at your SERVICE. SENSITIVE cuz this is a FESTIVE ITCH. Like a Content WITCH on a broom stick. like the CLOCK contradicting the TICK TOCK. but yet? scrolling ENDLESSLY. You care not to take IT ALL IN? To fizzle out and SPIN. because you’ve been curated to a menu of potential ENDS. being hosted by superfluous FRIENDS . You hAve laughed yourself WELL! So, take a SWELL, gallop into the deep dirt ROADS. DON’T YOU feel THOSE poly rhythmic CODES? listen as they are blowing with the mist of the black and white KEYS. now PLEASE: understand this was an intentional long extended word salad, intending to CONVEY what you SHOULD HAVE GUESSED ANYWAY!

    “what was once a party is a frivolous CHARADE until a festival PARADE revealed it all to be, an ambiguous MASQUERADE !!!”


    speaking softly to the village dame
    he requested that he be chosen to play her game
    odds and perpendicular chances were in his favor
    desiring the allure of her symphonic narration
    and for the tour of her harmonic salvation
    to be met with a qualified or undignified correction
    (even if it meant subjection or rejection!)

    this was his fate at odds by an uneven gate
    broken belonged to the lock, though pigeons remained on top with a wailing gawk
    superstitious anomalies affirmed vacant policies
    none bearing the condition of a playable rendition
    this is what perplexed him the most
    their sway held in
    the everyday of her disarray , eager for aligned scenes
    with multi-lingual tongues from the south and to the north of queens

    if one could redeem a summary that is a recovery
    of time spent, sleeping indifferences would allow transgressions the space to vent
    his longing for the belonging of qualified amends
    may lend to slanted cut pieces cuffed by enemies instead of friends

    returning back to the neighborhood of playmates and athletic ends
    meant being denied the sport and the elasticity which guaranteed material bends

    the risk of being dismissed became the challenge accepted
    as with a chaste and hardened heart, wisdom afforded the incumbent appeal, neglected

    futuristic fantasy…where the ***💜**** party people be!


    the sigh that lent unspoken words, no one has ever heard. whispered prose which stirred sought to answer the blank space.

    Featuring a scandal made righteous:

    come here! You righteous scandal, I think you are a bit more to handle! 

    But I’m willing to catch you, if you stand in the way of getting got. 

    cuz’ you’re smoking hot _ I rather be denied than to not be given any chance. 

    to imagine of our sweaty dance – it may be a proven “righteous scandal.”

    a candle much too hot, that soon it’ll burning.

    melting by the woe of learning.

    how can’t eye see? what’s lit up right in front of me. 

    I have no choice according to the inner doubting voice. 

    but my eyes clothes with fashionable express, textures and buttons draped with incomparable dress. 

    a feeling I can’t compare, as your colors endeavor to void the unfair. 

    if given the opportunity , I’d renew my immunity

    to refrain from the masquerade in order for a fair trade N2 a memorial street, even with callused feet – I’ll greet your direction to a formulated and poetic perfection. (even if it meant potential rejection!)

    your bounce is far to like jelly. it’s making me realize why eye turn off the telly.

    choosing to instead read what lies in between.

    as nuance reveals what all of it may mean…

    like a multi-colored photo book, my mind is far too curious to NOT look.

    those succulent thighs, make me yawn thirst trapping sighs.

    natural to my instinct , I can’t help but think into a deep fantasy. 

    basically? my testimony is a desired ceremony in a transitional rhapsody !

    featuring both you and I congregated together in full supply…

    Missed Errands

    “Umm, if you are clocking in, you would need to use the other computer, yeah the one inside … THANK YOU!”don’t say thank you.
    say EXCUSE ME or i beg your pardon, or simply F*CK YOU.
    because that’s what you mean.
    from your posture – to the very attitude that embodies your demeanor.
    every trace of your fallen grace is SEEN.
    you didn’t have to spell it out to me, Karen.
    clearly you missed your morning errands.
    that is until i showed up : first in line – to be shouted at with your raging tempered stance.
    at first glance : i thought not to ever dare come over your way.
    the only thing that prompted me was my usual computer to clock in, satellites within, went thin.
    i analyzed in my thoughts whether i should even acknowledge the morning as good
    cuz surely whatever i assumed – you calculated onto me as hood!
    yes, i had to go there because i’m African!

    me dreadlocks are long twisted and thick.
    (verifying in you , all the variables for the all the ticks to click!).
    meanwhile your fluorescent gaze is steadily amazed at my appearance.
    in your mind: it would be better resolved for me, if i was a product on clearance!
    a sale that is promised because the FINE LETTERING DECLARED IT EXACTLY THREE NINETY NINE!
    did i miss the sign?
    or am i deaf and blind?
    it wouldn’t matter to you even if i had a disability- for, your inability to transcribe tranquility is at influx with your raging hostility!
    & why is this?
    because i dared to clock in on the computer next to you that you were not occupying?
    you’d think – i’m lying !
    but you said ‘THANK YOU’ so loudly – as if i were entrusting you with a gift.
    and why would that ever be the case?
    this was comparable to a flower being stolen from the soil and put into a ceramic vase.
    for nothing else matters : even when the glass shatters into feathered tatters.
    you wouldn’t dare to sweep up the pieces of what remains left behind.
    preferring rather, to grin kind & (with passive aggressive tenacity) the mere caudacity!


    i’m welcomed to my own own envelope party!
    yeah! yeah! yeah!
    writing letters at the seams
    multiple colored dreams
    fantasies and a spelled out intention
    reading it all out, so that all could be mentioned

    tearing open the paper for a surprise
    the secret in here to advise ::: the reconciliation is closed
    i supposed it was because the bridge could not be crossed
    apparel sequencing nonetheless flossed
    the steps removed and tossed
    anchoring exploitation is the name
    ‘bossed’ by recurring screens
    littered in the eyes of incapable means

    when wishing to dethrone the idea of home, my expectations sprint like the legends of rome.
    emblematic of an extravagant moonlight affair, my apparel crafted a tailored flair.
    dismissing the evidentiary notion. seeking rivers or oceans instead.
    as the bed doesn’t lie. the mind can cry opposed to the big picture but verified by in nuance.

    seeing what’s caught in between.
    but begging for the green to be worn like jeans.
    understood are the roles played. they can’t all relay because their actions play a part.
    contradictory elements within the genes . bullying the pressure to let go and release the SCREAM.
    all over and on and on.
    composed in note and pattern
    without the visitation of exact correlation or by the planet Saturn!

    (this poem / song came to me in a dREaM. i was at my old church, and there were multiple envelops thrown into the air while this song was being sang by the congregation. the dREaM ended by me being toppled over by a woman who sat on me after the last note was harmonized. very colorful indeed but i don’t know what it could mean?) 😂😅🤣

    AI rendering of this dREaM…


    embraced by the supplication of your face
    your canvas, strokes are embedded with grace
    my appetite requests plural and singular taste
    fed by the mercies of your wish
    your pallet contains variations of flavors to dish
    with your laughter being a festive occasion
    and that smile stirring all the persuasion
    it’s no wonder : i have been summoned
    as a timeless recall, at a futuristic dream ball
    dancing by the beat of your clairvoyant signature
    i hope to be extended as your acceptable visitor
    ringing like your heart while singing:
    songs draped as sonnets and meaningful conjecture
    enough definitions and rhymes that’ll soon lecture…
    Not into sleep, but unto passages of paragraphs that’ll keep you kept into the deep
    if you’re wondering what all of this may mean? pay attention to my intention to make you scream
    as i shout: powers and seasonal flowers that may awaken your planted tree
    with rain and gain, until you can clearly see
    i’m on a roll, as i measure the graph around your whole
    every part of you, wrapped like cellophane on a prestigious gift
    my rift is a draft, encouraging you to pass with humor that’ll make you laugh
    carrying weight from your outstretched hand
    collecting all the specs of sand
    holding onto you with a promised note
    while floating to your hidden canals with my love boat
    consider this a cruise, one in which i heal your every bruise
    kissing softly the sprain, so that like a train
    you understand how my language is tracked
    with luggage already packed
    irrespective of the transportation
    this narration may become too much, but that’s the danger of surrendering to your touch
    while looking to name this piece in honor of your PERSONALITY FEAST
    i think of your beauty revealed by prayers of the holiest priest
    which is to say : your glory reaches to my inner poetic story
    sometimes too long and abstract to be said, but you’re in my spirit like fine wine awakens the dead


    SeasonaL DepressioN

    seasonal depression
    is in session
    the calamity is sizzling in the booth
    like a rotten and spoiled tooth
    cold to the touch
    ailments swollen & such
    formation takes a scolding seat
    malnourished and empty is the street
    past is left open like a twisted rope
    barefoot in journey seeking hope
    while summoned to the river
    naked and exposed, there i stood in a shiver
    like the roots planted next to me
    engulfed by the wind and tree
    before i knew it, i jumped
    with my flesh slumped
    inside the cold water
    an underground battle became a deep slaughter
    pierced by the freeze
    shaken by blistering leaves
    i’ve fallen and only desire sleep
    though these waves thrust me deep
    and my dreams creep
    remnants remain floating at the top
    the lighthouse flickers as though it may stop
    with the shine on the line
    and my mind crossed yet another time
    for this reason
    i wish this season to be dismissed
    as i drown remiss…

    Angels & Angles: In Conversation Feat. Sannia

    This is a conversation, (May of 2022) I had with my dear friend Sannia! She shares her story about growing up in the church and how her ‘Angles and Angels’ contrast to mine. Listening back, I noticed, I did a lot ranting over the topic :p but Sannia adds a delightful perspective which puts in context our rightful place in examining where we are. May you receive something good out of this!

    Interview Out Now!

    The first part of my interview with Keti, is available now for your listening / watching pleasure! it was so wonderful to be able to have this conversation and share some of my foundation behind my recent book ‘Wait / Weigh The Minute! TyPo oR fAiTh? Keti is an amazing philosopher and artist whose skills and talents speak for themselves! Check her channel out and subscribe for future endeavors !

    Blessings ! ❤

    part 2!

    Maybe, Shillelagh (Sha:Lay:Lee)

    in the backyard of my confusion, lied a remedy buried deep.
    Hidden far away, where even the soil keepers have fallen asleep.
    locked away as a time capsule, with a sturdy and indifferent axle.
    And absurd words tweeted by flightless birds.

    one or two from three and nine : a stage to mine.
    encrusted with the rust of the earth.
    faced with festivals of mirth.
    saddled by the passages of my struggle fence.
    I stand in court as the devil’s advocate-seeking recompense!
    for my living right, avoiding the night, shadows hiding in plain sight!

    far back alongside the distant seas!
    scented flowers and trees blow with a breeze,
    gathering my attention.
    not to mention the rhyme slime.
    that’s probably already a grind to your ears as an annoying past time.
    shooting stars , passing cars : energy misplaced _ fitness gone to waste.
    broken on the spine, foundation soon to be base.


    maybe i’ll walk with a oak shillelagh, in hope that my step will be careful and true.

    maybe i’ll dance with a wooden canopy while yodeling on the who!

    maybe i’ll plunge with a strong and sturdy stick to penetrate through the concrete brick.

    maybe i’ll be ran over by the impatient ones in the grocery aisle, with vampire teeth as their smile.

    maybe i’ll count the time it takes to be 10/10 fine.

    maybe i’ll mount the stacks on a dime.

    maybe i’ll have a stable case to shoot the mace.

    right inside their eye, a bright fiery potion, swallowing inside their ocean.

    sheeeit, maybe ill strut with an oak shillelagh, and beat my drum with my wand and ukulele.


    if you prefer to listen 🎧

    i have overstayed my welcome!
    should’ve been gone but now i’m on my way
    as here? is not over there!
    but it’s somewhere,
    a space on the line,
    like a frostbite in the mind!
    or a shackled image caught in between time…

    forward ever to the ongoing change,
    left inside the collected jar.
    from near and afar.
    coin may reside, in thin pockets or within a hidden corner tide.
    clouds are transitory mysteries,
    containing ancient and new found histories!


    Any as in: IN KNEE.
    which stands…
    in the way, cuz the day is full of gray!
    a message that can potentially relay!

    ever wondered what that could be?
    with eyes that can’t see.
    & intentions paved in hell.
    irrespective of the noise of the bell!

    i looked in the mirror and noticed the sleep around my eyes,
    tears encrusted as tired lullabies…
    so : i ran the water, to set the starter!

    now the essence of my current flower, makes a wish to be empowered (and devoured) by a hungry appetite.

    with magnifying insight, my desire runs a surface lap!
    superfluous cycles sprinting around the map,
    like a mouse finding the house.
    or a buzz against the fuzz.

    for when both are in want,
    they can’t help but flaunt,
    all of their desires laid clearly on the table!
    touching and seeing, in fact : ALL of their sensors set the match to the fable!

    & the burn to return.
    leaves smoke and ash.
    they’ve been burned and smashed!
    no longer here,
    but transported through the seasons,
    as if you ever needed a sensible reason?

    let’s start with this one :
    this rhyme is not yet undone !
    cuz i wish for all the fun!
    my crass abilities are sensibilities that ain’t scorn,
    they’re only roses without the thorn!

    a pain nonetheless, cuz the smell is rotten!
    like picked cotton !
    laid out and embroidered like a quilted sheet.
    with colors and textures providing all the heat!

    WTM! TOF?

    “Those that have an Ear, let them Hear!”

    i find it curious, that when folks check in on you, they continue with wonder: “how have you been? what have you been up too? long time no talk too, what’s been happening?” however, those same people can’t / wouldn’t / haven’t – taken anytime to press play to engage in your latest creation.


    if you want the message to relay; indeed all you need to do is press play and LISTEN! (i would really appreciate your feedback / criticisms especially if you make it through the whole thing!

    this project was originally released 2 years ago as a written text, featuring 10 chapters with a lot of colorful poetry and allegory. i’ve done the difficult arrangement of writing, editing, and recording it all. There’s no ‘physical’ copy of this book yet because i really want folks to listen as opposed to flipping through the pages and missing something.

    Typos notwithstanding, there’s a message! May you get through! Whether through the Angel (😇) or Angle (📐)

    Blessings and thank you for everyone that has taken the time! This was done at no cost to you, but if you wish to give a love token and donation :

    Cashapp : $gesturegreen

    paypal: paradiseclarity@gmail.com

    Zelle: jesterants@gmail.com


    Today : is a day of mourning. with the falling rain & ongoing pain…indeed today is one of deep lamentation. if you’re wondering why, there’s a creeping sadness around this season? may it better recognized one reason for this is : the capitalist nature of this holiday.

    while the mass media and all of their related pundits aim to reframe today as one of celebration and giving of thanks. amidst the football, cake and pie stuffing, turkey and ham feasts, little to no mind is given to the nature of this day.

    Instead we’re forced: Football. Advertisements. Black Friday Sales. the message has been sent. encouraging the tenet to pay rent. but there ain’t no money. only waffles without honey. big time flakey, crumbling…steadily shaky.

    one may vaguely point to the native and indigenous peoples; but little depth or investigation is made to their history and what efforts have been made to undermine them and their relentless struggle in gaining their land back!

    I AM CONVINCED : not enough pain has been shared amongst the masses of those in ‘ameriKKKa’ / Canada / and all occupied and colonized lands…we’re only left to focus on the remnants of what remained. THIS IS THE CANARY EFFECT.

    Not a day of thanksgiving but THANKS-TAKING of LAND, RESOURCES & LABOR which were all stolen, revised, and redirected for the purposes of capitalist exploitation and hegemonic dominance.


    Wait (Weigh) The Minute! TyPo Or FaiTh? (Fate)

    Wait (Weigh) The Minute! TyPo Or FaiTh (Fate)? IS OUT NOW FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE!

    This Audio book is the first of which i’ve ever done and the LONGEST project I created , running in at 2 hours and 12 minutes and 40 seconds! it makes sense it would be about the length of a feature film! this is also a project i’ve been working on for the last 5 years. My first book (Paradise Clarity) is a poetry opus of 460 pages conceptualizing the framework behind my writing since 2013.

    Whereas, this book is a recorded notion of my past, present, and future. It speaks to the awareness that comes with being balanced about the things that happen to us on in our journey through life.

    This book has 3 narrations : First of which is narrated by Balaam’s Don_Key found the scripture in Numbers Chapter 22 wherein Balaam is stopped in his tracks after his donkey ‘BRINGS HIM TO HIS ATTENTION ON WHERE HE IS GOING. ESSENTIALLY, HIS DONKEY MADE A TYPO* OF HIS USUAL FATE. Secondly, it loosely follows the life of Tomson who grew up in a Pentecostal Holiness Church of God in Christ. Much of which is my personal story (alongside with many who’ve had similar experience with the church.) Lastly, this is an audio search, which attempts to explain the reactions of such dispositions of both the Angle and Angel!

    May you enjoy and listen in your own time!

    Click The Video For Time Stamps!














    (Acknowledgements & Gratitude)

    (INNERVIEW: Writer // Released)

    This is a true story, btw!

    November 7th, 2015

    when eye look at the the full moon tonight, I’m reminded how my life was changed this day 7 years ago at Paisley Park. i’ll never forget that conversation and feeling. it was spiritual, all aglow, and all encompassing : much how the moon has 8 phases, various stages in between.

    This was a night of correction _ a reminder of where I was standing.

    i’ve never seen myself as much of a ‘fan’ but appreciator and admirer of his music. it was very clear i admired and some may say even ‘ADORED’ Prince’s music.  (Shoutout to The One!) ❤

    I downloaded /purchased all of his (and related) albums and remembered all the lyrics! the music just connected with me. it’s like Prince knew how to ensure all the instruments including silence, we’re always so clear to hear and feel. to this day, truly i am moved. something about that Purple Music!

    it was this night where i gave a private tour of paisley park alongside with TrevorGuy to journalists from Europe (pictured above) it was also announced to me for the first time that, Prince would be doing a solo Piano and Microphone Tour all across Europe in 3 weeks!

    Alongside with MonoNeon (Bass Guitar) Donna Grantis (Guitarist) , Adrian Clutchfield (Sax & ewi) , and Kirk Johnson (Drums). As for my position? I‘d be working the teleprompter! he assigned me this position because he had watched my videos and was aware of my knowledge of his music and aware that i could keep up with his sudden musical transitions.

    this was all so unbelievable to accept. And while this ultimately did not occur due to Ticket Scalping, and him deciding to have the first show at Paisley Park – the mere invitation was enough to transfix my anticipation.

    amidst my glory and elation : it was reminded to me by Prince himself _ “You are in this position because you carry a light, you needn’t be shocked; you are here because you belong here!” i had smack myself out the fog of disbelief – it’s like nah man, take another look of what you have and USE IT! You don’t need to be surprised, just go with a smile and do the work!

    Share your light and don’t hide it – ‘LIVE OUT LOUD‘ was after all the first song that I received from him in an email. it all became clear to me and my figuring out became glorified, it was like I had seen and walked into the light. Only after being guided by a mentor and oracle. I remember smiling and holding onto this revelation because it was that exact affirmation that encouraged me to continue with my soon to be released project ‘Characters In The Wind‘ which was going to be in New Zealand of that next year in 2016.

    It all came at once, much like this memory. I’ve just returned from seeing Metallica in Hollywood, Florida! I’ve been listening to Metallica for about a year now and this being my 3rd show of theirs : it was an amazing experience. Much of it reminded me of how it was like being in the Prince community however this scene is totally different! Ha! They’ve been around for over 40 years and the sound just hits you. Especially when you peep into the different changes they’ve experienced throughout their career. The show I attended was for the ‘Trues’ as it was only songs played from their first two albums on the MegaForce label : ‘Kill Em’ All & Ride The Lightning’.

    It was a special experience and I got to share it with my dearest friend, comrade, and sing-out loud to bad songs homie: jamilah! it was a electrifying night with vibrational intensity. From the conviction in Lars Ulrich drum playing, to the emblazoned passion in Kirk Hammett’s guitar playing. Matched with the throbbing resolution of Rob Trujillo’s bass guitar playing, harmonized with James Hetfield’s rhythmic guitar swagger – they bring something signature and sincere.

    Experiencing music is all about connecting to the thing which can’t always be explained. It causes you to re-evaluate where you stand in the great congregation of life. All Together Now! (more or on that later in the Upcoming audio book!)

    Everyone on this planet has value and importance. Don’t let this backwards system of Capitalism convince you otherwise ! they are constantly feeding us lies all based in individual and backwards ideology that serves only the interests of empire. We can and should work together, how else can we build if we are stuck in our own individual vacuums struggling in silence?

    to hell with that! Realize you are a social being. you are breathing air. you desire community! all of us do. even introverts who prefer the company of themselves, still understand the necessity of contact with the other. it can’t be just you. it’s not just you. it’s never just one person.

    Connecting with all of the forces that join in harmony is what this struggle is about. It’s not going to be easy because correction is hard to swallow for a lot of folks. Why? Because of liberalism. For those who do not know what Liberalism is a great text on this is by Mao Tse-Tung : in Combat Liberalism he writes: 

    “To let things slide for the sake of peace and friendship when a person has clearly gone wrong, and refrain from principled argument because he is an old acquaintance, a fellow townsman, a schoolmate, a close friend, a loved one, an old colleague or old subordinate. Or to touch on the matter lightly instead of going into it thoroughly, so as to keep on good terms. The result is that both the organization and the individual are harmed. This is one type of liberalism.”

    THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE TO FIGHT EVERY DAY! Because we are all trained and socialized to be liberal on maters. Conflict avoidant. “I don’t talk about X Y Z” All of these avoidances are a result of how the system of capitalism trains us to silence ourselves when we are confronted with truth. We have to fight against that and struggle for a better world.

    ALL of that to say : looking at the Full Moon reminded me of some of these notions to also weigh the minutes that have been counted before me! It has been written and said. I’m basking in the glow, the fullness that is to know.

    all i’m saying is : a lot is about to change! (👛⛅️🛣️)



    dammit i’m mad! (read it backwards) 😂 but still excitingly glad to report much progress is being made on my upcoming audio book ‘WAIT / WEIGHT THE MINUTE ! TyPo Or fAiTh/ FATE ? as it turns out recording chapters of your own words is more challenging than one would imagine. all of lines changing and times rearranging rhymes. this project is both spiritual and mathematical thus various contradictions appear. (here and near) transitions // tradition

    sinister // minister

    last days // last daze!

    But through the work, many correlations are nonetheless teachable moments. It’s all aligned // It’s not so Bad but then again it is not just BAD but BBBBBBBAAAAAAADDDDDDD!

    YOSOGO: May you enjoy the different variations of BAD with this playlist!

    BAD X7 Themes & Correlations


    1. WHY YOU WANNA TREAT ME SO BAD ? – Prince // In this case ‘Bad’ is just how it sounds. just down wrong. when I treat you so good, but you treat me so bad. that ain’t right yo!

    2. WHY DOES IT HURT SO BAD? – Whitney Houston // Back to feeling Sad, thought I let it go, why does it hurt me so?

    3. BAD REPUTATION – Donna Summer // Always think twice! Don’t throw your love away and get into public arguments and reactionary interactions. Your reputation can’t be brought or sold but higher to this point ::: Trust your Instinct and LISTEN!

    4. BAD BAD NEWS – Leon Bridges // Everything about this is smooth and lifting. The power of transitory style and grace when people get in your face. Bad bad news? nah, I’m about to turn it n2 a good thing.

    5. YOU’VE GOT IT BAD – Stevie Wonder // This song is a trip. included with this song is : the flight, destination, and passing duties to ensure you a safe land. The view is ‘O’ so marvelous, so good the bad becomes good. She’s so bad, it’s good!

    6. BAD – Michael Jackson // I’m Bad!! you know it AND THE WHOLE WORLD HAS TO ANSWER RIGHT NOW TO TELL YOU ONCE AGAIN : I’m So bad, I’m Smooth!!!

    7. AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM – Beyonce // Beyonce sampled this song from Kilo Ali’s song (America Has A Problem (Cocaine) She changes the meaning and says : well the problem is actually her cuz she’s ‘Bad’.

    “20, 40, 80, out the trap, hit it with the rap 
    Put it on the map, then we right back 
    Call me when you wanna get high, high, high, high 
    Tony Montana with them racks 
    Ivy P on my bag, double G’s on the dash 
    I’m bad, I’m bad 
    Tell me when you wanna get high, high, high, highBoy, you can’t get higher than this 
    ‘Cause love don’t get no higher than this 
    No, no”

    Now one can for sure criticize this song for its hyper glamorization of why she’s ‘Bad’. Exploitation is definitely in the bag not just birkins and teflar bags. you can’t get racks and billions without taking from those that do the labor to make that possible. That’s the fundamental contradiction in this song, America Does Have A Problem and that’s capitalism and the violence that is required in order to sustain its existence. So how about we get ‘high’ on political education and organization that gives us the focus to change the material realities around us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    How To Sew A Button (part 6)

    In this video: I sew 14 buttons on a new pair of *BLUE DENIM LEVI JEANS* something, I never thought I’d ever wear again. 24 minutes of mostly ASMR motion. The results were satisfactory and the therapy was needed. Hence the silence, for the majority of this video. This was a very much an ASMR inspired video. No whispering but careful attention to where I was going with the needle and thread.

    This is the result @ ::: 23:16 – 23:38

    Blue Jeans For Work
    3 (2 hole buttons) on the one going down!

    Much more coming: BE OUT ON A LOOKOUT FOR PART 7 HERE!

    KEEP UP WITH THE SERIES HERE: https://bit.ly/3CfBGlX


    we are living in a CRUMB SOCIETY, numb to sobriety but constantly fed with intoxicated waste renewing the insatiable taste.
    skyscrapers in the city, with flashing lights and parking entrances lit pretty.
    surrounded by security brick walled fences, spyware and firewalls for instance: while surveillance is factored in, just like a factory setting comes programmed from within.
    production is on the line, labor exploitation becomes the pantomimed.
    puppets and strings, relationships or flings?
    like CRUMBS, falling from the bite of the cookie, mere CRUMBS.
    that’s what we are offered.
    WHO IS “THEY’? = They are the capitalist and corporate ruling class; the same ones doing all the stealing, and the wheeling of propaganda to keep you confused and pledged to their will. it’s a diabolical and violent ill, because they give us the snack crumble, while they keep the whole pie! AS if they could provide you a valid reason why?
    you know how crumbs are left forgotten on your chin, when talking to a stranger and no friend?
    when ain’t nobody tell you, those CRUMBS were left at the corner of your mouth’s turn?
    those CRUMBS have spoken for a desire to LEARN.
    they were left elsewhere, found on your shirt.
    just like dirt, hidden in between all of your forgotten nooks and crannies, some of y’all : even got crumbs in your panties!
    yikes : the cross contamination & intersected damnation, at a location not too FAR from your teeth biting into this struggle BAR.
    quite soon it’ll melt & stain! wouldn’t that be a shame ?
    but it ain’t just you, we all belong to this CRUMB SOCIETY.
    handkerchiefs, napkins, and tissues, come to the rescue in remedy of this issue!
    whether jelly, spaghetti, or sugar confetti.
    or like a photo seen on GETTY!
    Why wait to be ready?
    to acknowledge and do something about these CRUMBS : in the suburbs or slums, we are the sums of intentional wage theft.
    but with ongoing Political Education and Organization, all of their CRUMBS will exit, stage left!


    “Do you remember the twenty-first night of September? 
    Love was changing the minds of pretenders…
    While chasing the clouds away…”

    Do You R3m3mb3r?

    YOU CAN’T REMEMBER WHEN IT’S HAPPENING! Seeing as now it’s the 22nd night of September, I’ve had some time to reflect on the changing pretenders Earth, Wind, And Fire was speaking about…

    Chasing the clouds away for clout, what could that be all about?

    When one follows the digital screen, they attempt to gather and collect what and where nuance may glean.

    Shooting stars, and crashing cars.

    milky way galaxy.

    supernova you or me?

    inspected by the bug!

    refusing a nocturnal hug.

    matched flames?

    dissolute remains!

    alabaster blast.

    formidable cask.

    underneath the mask.

    Powder and dust.

    Silver and gold rust.

    by appearing real.

    shadows feel.

    by lurking light.

    reflecting slightly bright.

    bells rining.

    soul singing!

    (if you care to listen and jam out, Click the link below!)


    The Loneliest Bench In The City

    Even if you were to listen 3 times, it still wouldn’t take you 7 minutes to listen!

    i sat down on one of the loneliest benches in the city amidst the piss, perfume, and upscale degradation _ it is with no hesitation to witness : that, this is a city filled with pretty & superfluous dreams.

    all of which are split at the seams because the luxury of such life : bears insufferable strife.

    on every corner, folks gather and scatter to enter the markets, to meander and shop!

    hoping that their cards and credit won’t flop!

    the currency and change makes one deranged through the arrangements of who potentially may be able to try it.

    or who is willingly able to buy it?

    if the advertising scheme is to beam any light, it’ll glow constantly through the morning, evening and late @ night.

    glistening programs intending to influence your thoughts and the framing around them.

    the measure is neither bountiful or slim.

    as it concerns who gets to feel the impact of this glitter…despite the pockets of litter found in between streets or the desperate cries for consumption via uber eats.

    the packaging is more real than the supposed material gain.

    the profits remain, only among those that exploit the collective masses.

    to this bench, i testified of a memory belonging amongst the lowest of classes.

    when having no shelter, clean apparel, or access to a prescription to refill my glasses…

    i struggled to see : how social systems could justify this neglect while claiming freedom simultaneously?

    abruptly: the loneliest bench in the city – spoke back to me (with these words) : “as cement is drilled into a hole, and wooden wedges are placed inside to fill the vacant sole – so shall the ruling class walk on by, sitting on top of skyscrapers – built up high, like pigeons: it is there that they spy : to maintain their hegemonic & cawing lullaby.

    SeT ThE RhYmE oF LaW


    if you listen 3 times, it still won’t take 7 minutes of your time 🥳

    By golly, The Svengali of it aLl, how many rubber bands, they putting on that BaLl?

    How many steps are leading to that HaLl? 

    deception’s VaSe – seeking an uprooted FlOwEr in CaSe there’s pOwEr to TrAcE. 

    ‘rEaDiNg’ is our brain’s ‘FeEdiNg’ to the ToP, it doesn’t sToP.

    If you’re WiShInG maybe you should be DiShiNg
    all the candy, salad, and nuts allowed in cLoVeR,

    <<<<<<<<<<just know it ain’t OvEr !<<<<<<<<<<

    sometimes you gotta ‘set the rhyme of LaW’ which is merely, calling out every presumed fLaW: if you wanna TRY ME, i won’t 🐝 SIGHING OR WONDERING WHY ME?
    i’ll just give you a reason to SEE! 
    I ain’t about that life, cuz’ while assumption may cry the eAsE,
    for the ‘WhEeZe’ of
    the uncommon 1nE,
    that sees it ALL as sin and ‘uNdOnE’

    i AiM to FrAmE that ‘nAmE’
    how about we : start at those OfFeNdEd …
    their minds are often AtTeNdEd (to secular CoNcErn, preferring to BuRn) in contempt of the NoTiOn, to that which they’re AgAiNsT,
    like a guarded and barbed wired FeNcE.…
    they rather cut and ShOcK, than recognizing their judgment acts like a defensible bLoCk.

    so here’s to setting the rhyme of law!
    mustard GrEeNs$ for absurd MeAnS : in order for a cOnDiTiOn to meet the ReNdiTiOn of fruitful AmBiTiOn: we must at first be given pErMiSsOn.

    (if you wanna get heated in sTyLe, here’s a read worth your wHiLe…)


    micro fancy, but with expensive and expansive designation for flossy ApPaRrEl with attention to details, so sTeRiLe with loaded bullets down the BaRrEl.
    it’s about as ReAl*** as the word could mAkE it, as hot as the baker could bAkE it.

    unable to be put in a microwave as the waves radiate and ExPoSe.
    thereby fluttering the one with the RoSe.
    if peddles could speak : would they cut among the WeAk?!
    Ha, sad thorns built on the oUtSiDe, as thunderstorms rolls over all the starry eYeD.
    wavering inflictions swoon my addictions to higher LaNdS. 
    greater and stronger cOmMaNdS. 
    thus, i’m flipping through the elementary and university sTaGeS – as the pAgEs turned has been suited only for livable WaGeS!