if i positioned myself in front of a wall & it dared to communicate with my call; it would have more to say : than the words you are trying to play.

if roadkill found on the busy street, was collected and stored in your house and made into a taxidermy suite: those dead animals would have more to speak than your climb against my mountain peek.

if lights would dim and walls could shake, they would have more of merit than what you have attempted to make.


consider me: the left over penny found in your pocket when you leave your clothes out to wash.

or even the lint inside your dryer that you forgot to clean out and squash.

i am the cloud that once appeared but no longer aims to be here!

cast me aside, like an atheist would a spiritual guide

forget my colonial name, my perceived fame, and any claims gathered to make you sane

burn me away like a tainted scroll: that speaks with volumes of blasphemy

roll me over like loaded dice – molded by a promised fallacy

all i’m saying is : recoiling your focus to something more sustainable, means the flowers in your garden could truly grow!


for if one can not tend to / cultivate / nurture real live plants, getting fake ones for aesthetic purposes, is ok! i remember thinking i was being played like i was stupid but the playing kept happening; and i was quickly reminded : they’re ‘playing’ this role a little too well so maybe they really are the ones stupid & if i keep going along with their ‘playing’ i’d be just as stupid 🤡🎪🤹🏾
they say: “hate the circus but don’t hate the clown : but i reckon both the circus and clown share more in common than they differ. we could all benefit from having a venn diagram analysis. DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM, y’all! which is to say – everything has positives and negatives as nothing is 100% ‘Bad’ or 100% ‘Good’ there is a relationship between two forces and ‘The Struggle’ exists for the greater and more beneficial force to overcome. nothing stays the same ever! this is the law of impermanence.



    When Flowers Yawn

    As flowers dream to glistening stars above

    They entrance me deeply

    The foggy morning appears to me

    The empathy of softness

    The coy awakening where flower’s stare

    Eye see joy there – inside it

    The stardust gyrating around your hair

    Are peddles you’ll repel by reflecting

    Inside through outside – our kinship
    are sleepy dreams

    The cool summer that you once knew

    You’ll see in me entirely

    When flowers awaken – the dozy spell will signal

    Our arms to stretch

    As flowers stretch from the inside – we are transfixed by their yawn


    Portion Cutz


    The more I eat, the more I come to terms with just my eating habits. Eating like drinking water is necessary for survival. Both eating and drinking water can often be modified to the point of the question? How much are you eating? AND just what exactly are you eating? What are you drinking? How much are you drinking?

    It’s amazing what the body is able to withstand. When you really think about the foods that are made available and how much we consume, it’s kind of mind-boggling. Especially here in the Western world. We eat so much sugar and have more oils and fats than we actually need. It certainly comes with its consequences. Everything gets stored somewhere, and then a Reduction takes place.  Eating the wrong types of food, and eating too much of the wrong thing, alerts your body in some way.

    Either, your energy dims out or you feel like you are about to explode. Those are not the most natural ways to feel after eating. Quite the opposite. Food, should restore and build up your cycles and refresh your systems do not send panics down your spine.

    Food is one of my main sources of inspiration. Because of my love and admiration for food, my BODY has had an awful lot to say about what I’ve been putting inside of it. It’s one thing to love food, it’s a whole other thing, to love it to the point of eating more than you should.

    Eyes can be deceiving. I can overall enjoy a good meal, but then I am subjected to the grunts of slumber and fatigue.


    ^^ Now, Sometimes Food Craves are like lurking and LOUD monsters. They beckon you, and they won’t leave until you acknowledge them. SO I went to Raisin Canes’ and enjoyed every bit of it.

    (Here is where 7 & 7 come in….)

    2015-12-16 01.15.20

    My eyes are sharpening to desire green. Whole, plant-based foods that contain as many nutrients as possible. So, I’m focusing on the WHOLE package. So many wonderful food options to explore, and with great seasonings! Food ain’t nothing without the seasonings!!

    When hungry, it’s easy to cut through the meal in quick consumption. Yet, chewing food is one most forgotten experiences of euphoria. Taking time to chew each bite. I’m understanding that more. Not rushing into it, but thinking about the food as it goes down. Same goes for WATER. Treating it as a gift, and a chance to come closer to understanding. Hence, The Velvet Dinner.

    I’m not going to be one of those people to say, I WILL NEVER EAT RED MEAT AGAIN! That’s like saying, Burger King is designed to destroy me. NEVER! Every now and then. Dark & Light. It’s OK to have one every now and again because as I said earlier our bodies have a great way of recovering. I’m not going to make affirmative statements like NEVER SHALL I EVER. But I’m not going to keep repeating the same mistakes, I’ve made with food.

    Common Mistakes Include But Not Limited To: Ordering a Large instead of a Small, thinking I need to eat when I really need to drink more water, eating only once a day – cause CHIPOTLE!!! (OK, the last one is worth repeating at least once a week.

    I’ve listened enough to know, significant consumption changes must take place for me. I’m aligning with that reality while moving forward with the guaranteed expectation of a health-conscious lifestyle paired with vigorous work ethic. The more I continue, my body will adjust and I don’t feel I need to rely on those foods, I’m used to eating. I can conqueror and align with the true harmony of focus and determination.