Threatened Perplexity (XES)

The verbal proposal is laid out on the table. I find myself in joy as I actually entertain the thoughts of perplexed passion, in an exotic abyss.

I’ve been awarded a trophy, but I have never even run the race for a prize. I simply ran because I convinced myself; a monster of annihilation beckoned, my very existence.

I’ve never been one to go into the closets of life; I rather become threatened by the horror of those who have the power to conclude my every direction.

If that direction; supplements the aimlessness of my race; my championship is won. The race is not in vain; my legs have threatened the pavement I stand on.

I remember writing that piece soon after the proposal was laid out before me and these past days I’ve examined the wonder of sex. AHH! SEX IN THE SUMMER – GETTING IT ON! It’s a perplex situation that indeed is threatening. I don’t care how good the sex is; YOU won’t change that person’s personality. They’ll still dance to their own DNA of motive! Their motive doesn’t have to be parallel or symmetrical to you, but what does that matter, if you don’t know, what’s under the floor?! I believe it is very important, to examine that EVEN as sex can be the best, it does not change someone’s life. NOW if you just want to have sex, then go ahead, but please consider the risks. Preparation is crucial! This might seem perplexing, but what is more, a greater threat than to allow your emotions to swallow you whole.

IF sex is what creates the bliss of ecstasy,  there must be something under the floor; a foundation. If you just start at SEX at the beginning, then that will be expected in the middle and end. AND can you really get angry, if somebody you hardly know,  finds out they don’t like you..after you intend to pursue a relationship with them? Not really, because if their true indulgence is what you gave to them through an exercise of the physical, it was not enough to keep them around.

I’ve always looked at conversation over the course of multiple periods, to set a relationship. If I just enter the sugar walls, then how can a focus be determined outside of that? Sex backward is XES.

Which sets the tone for your next step.

X = Unknown Causes

E = Evokes

S = Space

FORWARD OR BACKWARD IS THE ANSWER. Which one would you rather understand?

Death Within A Mad Program


Image Salvador Dali



I Wish I was able to attend my FAVORITE Aunt in the world, Aunt Linda`s funeral today in Mississippi, but could not leave work. She not only taught me about the miracles in the universe. But how we are all equal! Whether you are a woman or man // You are capable of the same things! She was one of the first people to go against tradition. To bend the rules and enjoy life. To not be so focused on pleasing people but serving people!

She is one of the greatest inspirations in my life. Knowing I can`t talk to her for hours at a time really hurts me. I know God arranged her in my life for a purpose and that will be fulfilled day by day. She will continue to encourage me, cause as she always said and I never quite understood it until now. “All is well, even when you are not feeling good things are well”. It`s going to be hard not hearing her laugh and crack jokes about any and everything.

But her voice and her spirit are well with me!

I have been delayed in writing, but I am learning to allow my fingers to walk on the blank sheets of space. I have experienced betrayal, greed, selfishness, and disrespect on many levels of existence. I really am given the expense of surprise as I ponder the reasoning behind the heart of the peculiar minds. I really don’t know where I would be if it was not for the hand and heart from Miss X. She really has been there to listen and remind me that love yields understanding. I just want to be there with her, away from the madness I am within.

It’s amazing to hold on to the one that loves you and wants you to be saved from those against you. This is a hard time for me. So much madness, and delay all for the sake of MONEY.

Michael said it best:
“So you call it trust
But I say it’s just
In the devil’s game

Of greed and lust
They don’t care
They’d do me for the money
They don’t care
They use me for the money
So you go to church
Read the Holy word
In the scheme of life
It’s all absurd
They don’t care
They’d kill for the money
Do or dare
The thrill for the money”

The thrill of getting what is not rightfully owed to you NOW or even later, will not repair a broken relationship. The core of everything and anything is ‘Relationship’! How can anything function if the variables are not allowed the program of authenticity? Being loaned the hands of a quick fix can not puncture a digit that will respond to pressure. The height of invaluable measures is being dawned in a time of deception and selfish motive. When one cancels the logic that nature is derived from, the mono cause of its life becomes drowned in poisoned fluids. If not for the alive veins of study and codes, we are given the software bypassed by endless paradigms. The absurdity of blood thickens as the result is caused by the cut of a familiar knife.

I am held by the given love of Miss X; she is not a variable, but my tower and love. I really have to shout out my love for her, and the inspiration to keep on writing as that will develop an attitude and wonder to this madness…I love You!

Summarized Notion For Thought: I’ve used madness to conjure inspiration. The wonder of polluted intentions is understood when the visual for clarity is sound.