As you know, water is important.

Drink more of it!

It is healing to properly exercise awareness. If you don’t like what has been brought to your understanding. I am truly sorry to hear that. Education requires confrontation. The past can’t be misleading if it truly happened. How will you answer to its revelation? Will you run? Will you hide and drink some wine in desperate attempts that others won’t find it? The truth finds you; it will take off your dress. It is important to mention that it is as ugly as you believed it to be. The most beautiful yet ugly revelation you have been blessed to see. Your stomach may growl and your blood may race, but if you had any idea you were alive, you would drink more water; which is the truth. If you really want to live; you will drink more of the truth. Change your methods of consumption; feed more of the spirit and mind.

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  1. tannisgr says:

    Did you just say “I look good today?” you are hilarious!

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